Legendary commander Motorola became father

By | April 21, 2015

Commander of special operations unit of Donetsk People’s Republic “Sparta” legendary Motorola, today April 21, became a father of little Miroslava.


Arseny Pavlov (Motorola) and his wife Elena announced today.

31 year old commander of self-defense unit of Donetsk met 21 year old Elena last spring near village of Semenovka, near Slavyansk. At a time there were fierce battles. Elena was wounded and Motorola saved her. Some Donetsk soldiers that witnessed it tell stories on how Motorola carried his future wife away from the battle, ignoring flying bullets and explosions. Their love was born in the midst of civil war.

July 12 last year they got married in a city of Donetsk which was surrounded by Ukrainian nationalist battalions and parts of Ukrainian army that decided to pledge allegiance to coup installed regime in Kiev. They got Donetsk People’s Republic marriage certificate #0001.

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