Letter from a schoolgirl to self-defense forces of Donetsk

By | January 1, 2015

Here’s one of many letters that local kids sent to self-defense forces of Donetsk:


I’d like to thank you for your bravery and sacrifices that you are doing for your land, nation, and your families. I really would like to thank you while looking in your eyes, thank you for risking your life, getting wounded you continue to protect us and you don’t give up.

You protect our land with a hope for a brighter future. From the stories that I heard, it’s difficult and scary in a fight. All people of Donetsk have undergone difficult times. I hope that my generation will cherish your sacrifices in our hearts so that everyone remembers just how fragile peace is.

I want every person on this planet to understand hard work that you are doing. I wish you stay hardworking and brave, our motherland needs your protection.

I wish peace and good times for the whole planet Earth. Despite everything life goes on, for some life is just starting. Remember, your friends and family are waiting for you!

You are my heroes! Take care of yourselves!
Marina, 10th grade, Donetsk school #12


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