Letter + LOTS of photos from self-defense forces

By | August 26, 2014

We came to Sadovoe when it was getting dark, an armed fight was in progress there. Three self-defense detachments: Bacha’s, Oplot, and Coalminers were moving in the direction of town of Ilovaysk. Infantry’s foot movement was supported by Oplot’s tank fire, I have a video, it’s actually beautiful when you see tracers in the night. I’ll share it later. To attack stronghold at night is a suicide, so we moved back a little.

At night forest near village of Zelenoe was shot at (by Ukrainian army) with (illegal) phosphorus shells… First time in my life I saw anything like this, it’s quite beautiful actually. By the time sun rose we were moving, constantly covering, waiting, listening, and looking for an enemy soldiers. Then our guys approached  Ukrainian army stronghold near village of Zelenoe near railroad tracks. We saw multiple armored personnel carries that belong to the enemy. There was no point in attacking them, all roads leading to them can be seen from all angles. Our group moved through the woods further from Ukr army line of fire. By this time tanks and armored personnel carriers belonging to Oplot, who by the way are awesome in battle, have moved to Zelenoe through the fields. It was on this field Oplot’s tanks shot up punitive Ukrainian militias. Militias shot back from tanks and mortars. Finally Bacha’s detachment, guys from Oplot, and coalminers moved to the edges of Zelenoe and with cover fire from Oplot have entered the village from the opposite side from where Ukrainian punitive forces had stronghold. Village have been cleared of occupants and Ukrainian militias was squeezed out of their stronghold near railroad tracks. We found locals hiding in the basement. Shortly thereafter Ukrainian militia started shelling the village. To save civilian lives, self-defense forces moved out of the village. Ukrainian militia still shelled the village with phosphorus shells at night.

We got more working armored vehicles after heroic liberation of Miusinsk by carpenter’s regiment. We had to paint the vehicles because Ukrainian punitive militias paint two stripes on their vehicles. All in all 53 captured pieces of armored vehicles came out of Miusinsk… only because carpenter’s regiment had no ammunition to destroy it during the battle. Carpenter told me today how they liberated Miusinsk, I recorded it on a tape machine, I’ll try to write about it later. Commander of carpenter’s has himself corrected mortar fire. HE STOOD THERE UNDER ENEMY FIRE AND BY POINTING HIS HANDS HE SHOWED HIS SOLDIERS WHERE TO SHOOT.


Locals protecting themselves against attacking Ukrainian army and Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalions:

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