Life and death in Ukraine’s army

By | May 15, 2014

Oleg Eisman, was working as a security officer in one of Dnepropetrovsk factories earning around 3,000 (about $250) hryvnias a month.

One day he got a letter inviting him to join Ukraine’s army allowing him to earn more money. He was given a choice of what part of the army to join. He chose to join Dnepr 1 or Dnepr 2 units, which officially are civilian units belonging to internal ministry, but Kiev’s authorities let him join one of those units anyway. His new salary was 15,000 hryvnias (around $1270).

His unit was one of many deployed to Mariupol. There, as we reported earlier, they shot and killed unarmed civilians who gathered to celebrate May 9 holiday.

12 days after Oleg joined Ukrainian armed forces he was killed for the atrocities that his unit committed in Mariupol.

Few days later his wife got a call from Ukrainian military asking her to “come and pick up Oleg’s body”.


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