Locals fighting off Ukrainian neo-nazis – VIDEO

By | April 23, 2016

April 23, members of nationalist Azov battalion have been touring around Ukraine, knocking down various monuments and memorials that do not go hand in hand with Ukrainian nationalist ideology, while other members of the same battalion are still attacking people of Donetsk in south-eastern Ukraine for not recognizing the results of an armed coup that took place in 2014.

Today nationalists, all dressed in camouflage, came to the tiny town of Limanskoe, which is near Odessa. While Ukrainian nationalists were trying to knock down a monument of Lenin, locals began to gather around uninvited guests expressing protest and disgust with Ukrainian neo-nazis.

Verbal altercation quickly grew into a physical one. Ukrainian neo-nazis had to retreat back to the bus. As they drove away people chanted: “go away!”, and “fascists!”.

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