Major losses in Ukrainian army after it attacks locals in Slavyansk

By | June 4, 2014

Ukraine’s armed forces have lost hundreds of men while attacking town of Slavyansk said head of the security service of Donetsk People’s Republic, ex-commander of elite Alfa special forces Alexander Hodakovskiy.

Number of dead on the Ukrainian army and national guard side during attacks on Slavyansk is in the hundreds if not thousands, Hodakovskiy said.

For Ukraine, which has not seen armed conflicts since 1945 those are huge numbers. It’s not normal. That is why Ukrainian government is doing best it can to hide real number of deaths in Ukrainian army.


Hodakovskiy calls for all mothers whose sons have been taken into Ukr. army to call thier sons to make sure they are ok.

June 3 was marked by one of the most vicious battles in Slavyansk between local self-defense forces and attacking Ukrainian army. Shortly before the attack Slavyansk has been bombed by Ukrainian artillery. Self-defense forces report 5 killed and 10 injured among them. Self-defense forces were able to shoot down attacker’s plane Su-25 and one helicopter Mi-24.

Slavyansk is a comperatively small territory which can effectively be defended by a by a small group of locals. For Ukrainian army to occupy Slavyansk has a very high price. What will Ukraine gain by taking Slavyansk besides its political effect?  Even if Ukraine is successful in occupying Slavyansk and having this political victory, it can be canceled out by the number of deaths, and number of Ukrainian mothers who lost their sons.

Hodakovskiy thinks that low morale, low motivation, and fear of furhter losses in Ukrainian army are main reasons why they cannot take control of small town of Slavyansk for one and a half months now.

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