Mariupol Police Captain Hung In The Woods

By | May 11, 2014

People’s court judged former police captain of Mariupol – Valeriy Andrushchuk. Andrushchuk while acting as a police captain in Mariupol ordered to shoot civilians that do not agree with Kiev government. When his subordinates refused to shoot at civilians, Andrushchuk shot one of his subordinates. When all police force raised up against him Andrushchuk locked himself in his office, called Kiev and asked to send in National Guard, which is made up mainly from neo-Nazi Right Sector extremists.

National Guard shortly after arrival killed over 20 policemen and unarmed civilians causing local population to rise up against them.

People’s court, which is a last resort judicial body, sentenced Andrushchuk to death by hanging. Sentence was carried out shortly thereafter.


53 year old Andrushchuk used to be a colonel in Melitopol police department. In 2009 he was fired from his positions because of racketeering and prostitution charges.

Between 2009-2014 he has worked as a security detail for local oligarch and a pro-Kiev activist I. Kolomoisky. On May 1, 2014 he was appointed to head Mariupol police department by coup-appointed radical government in Kiev with whom mr. Kolomoisky is friendly.


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