American West Point graduate that joined radicals in Ukraine has been killed

By | August 20, 2014

Mark Paslavsky, 55 yo American, came to Ukraine to join one of the newly created Ukrainian battalions. After violent mob in Kiev has installed its new president, these battalions were created for the sole purpose – to impose newly installed government’s rule upon Donetsk and Lugansk.

Mark Paslavsky, an Mark Paslavsky - an American, killed in Ukraine after joining a group of radicals

Mark Paslavsky – an American, killed in Ukraine after joining a group of radicals that tries to occupy Donetsk and Lugansk

Mark applied and was approved for Ukrainian citizenship. Later he went on joining Donbass battalion.

Donbass battalion is made up of volunteers. Most people in this battalions are natives of western Ukraine, decendents of people that fought alongside Nazi Germany against allied forces. Many of the older people have personally partook in mass killing of jews in Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland during 1940s. Most of the volunteers that joined tha battalions participated in civil unrest that overthrew government in Kiev where many police officers and government workers have been shot, burnt, and ran over by protesters.

Paslavsky known to members of his punitive battalion as Franko, along with his mates have moved in to occupy the town of Ilovaysk where he was killed by a local self-defense brigade of Ilovaysk.

Donbass battalion is not the only one of its kind. Azov battalion has been written about by BBC and Telegraph – White power warriors and neo-Nazi brigade articles. Azov doesn’t even try to hide its Nazi affiliation by placing Wolfsangel or Wolf’s Hook swastika which is a symbol that was exploited by the Nazis after the popularity of Hermann Löns’s 1910 novel Der Wehrwolf in the 1930s, where the protagonist, a resistance fighter during the Thirty Years’ War, adopts the symbol as his personal badge. Also, Black Sun swastika (German Schwarze Sonne) swastika is used by the battalion.

nazi azov battalion

Flag of the Azov battalion shows neo-nazi Wolfsange swastika.

nazi azov battalion

Patch of the Azov battalion shows neo-nazi Wolfsangel and Black Sun swastikas.

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