Message to peace loving Ukrainians from an American citizen

By | September 7, 2014
Published with a permission of an owner of the following facebook page:
I am a typical American. I have a home, a wife, kids, and a dog. I own a house, fix my own cars, pay my taxes, go to church, and I own my own business. I did not vote for Obama. I did not vote for Romney. Two sides of the same statist, globalist coin as far as I’m concerned. But I did vote. I have no connection to Ukraine. I have no connection to Russia. I have no connection to Europe other than ancestry from over 150 years back.

I love freedom. I love truth. I love these so much I want everyone to have it. It’s contagious and liberating and good. The world is better off with these things.

Like more and more Americans, my TV and radio is rarely on. The garbage that passes for news and entertainment isn’t worth our time. There are better alternatives. But regarding Ukraine – where to go? The language barrier is the greatest impediment to understanding what’s really going on, and US media (both left and right) and the federal government has already chosen its path of supporting EU and corporate/globalist agendas. Where to go to learn why and what my taxes are paying for as we, the United States, intervene with money, weapons, and words?

There’s so much bullshit out there it can be hard to find the truth – especially in English. I’ve found some. Please share what you’ve found. This is an important development to watch. The USA teeters from its foundation as the Rule of Law is disregarded. There are parallels to observe and learn from. There are stories and faces and names and sentiments to empathize with, and others to despise.

To the people of Ukraine, who share with us a very similar way of life, who want to be left alone to live in peace… we salute you and wish for you…


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