Mission accomplished: blockade of 32nd Ukrainian checkpoint was just a bait for reinforcements

By | October 28, 2014

Despite the ceasefire Ukrainian army and punitive battalions continue to shell the city of Donetsk. From what I’ve observed, around 200 civilians have been killed as a result of Ukrainian military fire within the past week. Thus, self-defense forces of Donetsk and Lugansk are forced to take action and push Ukrainian aggressors away from big cities.

32nd Ukrainian checkpoint

Latest operation was to lure actual Ukr forces that attack locals and make sure they would not kill anymore civilians. 32nd Ukrainian checkpoint (closest one Ukrainian army has to the city of Donetsk) was used as bait to lure part of the Ukrainian forces that attack locals. It worked. 150 Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded by a group of cossacks, then a waiting game began. When reinforcements showed up, 32nd checkpoint was captured along with reinforcements. Six APCs ‘btr-4’ were destroyed, one APC ‘btr-80’ was kept by self-defense forces as a trophy. All regular Ukrainian army soldiers that were guarding 32nd checkpoint were let go.

32nd Ukr checkpoint has accomplished its mission.

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