More culinary delights from Ukraine: “Moscow bound tanks” and “blood of a Russian newborn” – photos, video

By | December 8, 2014

In an attempt to raise money for winter clothing for Ukrainian soldiers that are attacking Donetsk and Lugansk, Mykolaiv high school students and teachers organized a money raiser bake sale with very creative food names. Here you could try “tanks on Moscow” cakes, “blue/yellow stars on Kremlin” and later drink some “blood of Russian newborns” – all these are names of foods sold at Mykolaiv fund raiser.

As civil war wages on, public events such as this create even bigger divide between Ukrainian and Russian speaking communities in Ukraine. After violent coup organized by Ukrainian speaking radicals took place in February, Russian speaking population of Ukraine have been persecuted and even murdered. Under the pretense of fighting Russian army, Ukrainian soldiers and national guardsmen daily shell cities in what used be south-eastern Ukraine where majority of locals speak Russian. If in February and March Kiev could simply sit down at the negotiating table and work things out with Donetsk and Lugansk, today, after hate events such as this and public calls to wipe Russian speaking regions off the face of the Earth, negotiations are almost impossible on both sides.

Drink called "blood of Russian newborns"

Drink called “blood of Russian newborns”

cakes called "Moscow bound tanks"

cakes called “Moscow bound tanks”

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Event as shown in Ukrainian news:

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