More volunteers from Spain join anti-Kiev forces – interview

By | October 25, 2014

Group of men from Catalonia, Spain have arrived to Donetsk region. Spaniards have joined local self-defense forces which since April are defending themselves from new nationalist Kiev regime. Ever since radicals through violence and terror, where many policemen died, took control of the government in Kiev, they have been trying to repeat their bloody successes in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. However, locals after seeing what happened in Kiev took a stand against radicals. As violence escalated new nationalist government sent neo-nazi battalions of radicals and regular Ukrainian army which they now controlled to submit Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Ever since violence broke out many volunteers from across the globe joined both sides of the conflict. Various members of skin head and other neo-nazi organizations from Sweden, France, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, USA and Poland joined Kiev’s radical battalions.
While others from anti-fascist and human rights movements from Spain, France, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, USA, Brazil and Belarus have joined local self-defense forces in their struggle against Urkainian nationalist brutal attacks.

Newest group of young men, ages 23-25, from Spain arrived to Donetsk few days ago. First thing they did upon arrival, they visited local church. After the service Father of the church asked them few questions.

Spainish help Donetsk


– So why did you come here?

— Father, how can we do nothing? Despite informational blocade we’ve seen and heard what is going on here. Civilians are being bombed. Innocent people are being shot and burnt. Young girls are being raped. Mass graves. Churches are being destroyed. It’s an unheard of horrible crimes against humanity! It’s hard for us to comprehend, in Spain our military protects its people. Here Ukrainian army is killing its people. How can this happen in 21st century? Some evil force has descended upon Novorossia. We too had our bitter history in Spain – Fascism in 1939, we did not forget that lesson. But the atrocities commited by Kiev regime and their militias have surpassed their Fascist uncestors. After all that we’ve seen we couldn’t just stay put. Our hearts are aching for you. Every day when I eat or go do sleep or talk to my brother and sister I remember dead kids, torn apart bodies, tears of your mothers. Your pain is our pain, it’s our tears, and your victory over Fascism is our victory too! That’s why we’re here, God lead us here. We’re not first to come here and we won’t be last.

-Spain is far away, how did you get here?

— Father, one request, please do not take our pictures. We do not want our family to have any problems. Simply coming here is a big risk. We encountered few hick ups but we finally got here. Of course our parents tried to stop us, my father even tried to hold me down by force.

– How’s life in Spain?

— After the crisis things are not great. High unemployment rate, especially among young people. Joining EU didn’t make our lives better. Prices went up. Because of money tranches we are in economic slavery. Spain is rotting because of corruption, democracy is just words, billionaires rule the country.

– Are you afraid of death?

— Father, answer to the question is not a simple yes or no. It’s not about how you feel about death and whether you’re afraid of it, what moves us is much higher than death. Yes, we’re afraid, but mostly because of our relatives.

– Have you ever been in armed conflict before, have you ever held weapon before?

— We’ve never fought before. But we are warriors and protectors in our souls. That is why we’re here. We’re sure in our victory, where there’s truth, there’s victory.


Singer from Spain about conflict in Ukraine:

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