Neo-Nazi mob chanting “Kill Russians with knifes” in Kharkov, Ukraine – VIDEO

By | October 26, 2014

I’m still somewhat surprised when I hear some of my American friends say that there are no Fascists in Ukraine. I guess it’s understandable, because new Ukrainian regime tries to filter news that are coming out of Ukraine.  I personally know Ukrainians from Lviv who have a picture of Bandera (Hitler’s Ukrainian SS division commander) hanging on their walls at home. His monuments are being erected in city squares. I’ve seen swastikas on the uniforms of Ukraine’s national guard soldiers. I’ve seen people of all ages show sieg heil Fascist greeting. Almost daily I hear slogan “glory to the nation” and an answer “glory to heroes”, and “kill Russians with knifes” slogans that were used by Ukrainians that allied themselves with Nazi Germany in 1940s.

Ukrainian Fascist

Ukrainian Fascists

On October 24 during a rally which was sanctioned by Kharkov authorities and protected by local police once again participants chanted “kill Russians with a knife” and “Bandera (Hitler’s Ukrainian commander) will come and set everyone straight”.


Here’s another video where on the same day radical mob in Kharkov, Ukraine as a ritual burn Russian flag then jump up and down chanting “whoever is not jumping is Russian”:


Here are cute young girls in western Ukraine, marching in formation, singing and showing sieg heil sign:

Here are few Ukrainian soldiers that are fighting Russian speaking Ukrainians in Donetsk region having lunch, two of them are wearing Right Sector scarfs, after 30th second of the video one of them shows a Fascist greeting:

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