Night Battles

By | May 11, 2014

“At around 7:30 pm several National Guard members on foot attacked a check point near Andreevka. When self-defense forces began to fight back Kiev forces stationed near mountain Karachun opened fire from tanks, BTR, and artillery. ”

There are four wounded among self-defense forces. One automobile was destroyed. At midnight Ukrainian forces were preparing an attack on the town of Slavyansk. Around same time self-defense forces sneaked several BMDs (armored vehicles) to Ukrainian forces’ flanks and from the distance of 600 meters proceeded with preventive strike, then armored vehicles returned to the HQ. Preventative strike was successful as attack on Slavyansk did not take place.

There were more explosions near Ukrainian troops outpost after BMDs have left. One mortar hit TV broadcasting station and one hit television broadcast offices. At around 4am a helicopter was spotted near mountain Karachun, probably to transport dead and wounded. We are still waiting for the number of casualties of Ukrainian forces.

After midnight preventative strike Ukrainian forces for two hours have bombed regions near Slavyansk destroying one garage and asphalt near train station. Noone was hurt in Slavyansk.


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