Boxing heavyweight champ Tyson Fury calls out Ukrainian fascists – Video

Reigning boxing champion Tyson Fury was insulted by a former boxing champ and Kiev mayor Vladimir Klitschko by calling Fury “Hitler”. Fury calls out Klitschko with a reality check. While Fury’s relatives were murdered by Nazis, many Ukrainians in the west collaborated with them, trend that seems to have been passed down the generations and… Read More »

UFC veteran Jeff Monson visits Donetsk – Photos, Video

Veteran MMA fighter Jeff Monson, who took up Russian citizenship last year, has visited war-torn eastern Ukraine to deliver a series of master-classes and make trips to local schools and orphanages. Monson arrived in Lugansk, the capital of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic, on Monday. He visited a local martial arts school where he gave… Read More »

Ukrainian bloody quest on Mariupol, two years later – VIDEO

Right after coup installed nationalist government in Kiev took control of the armed forces, city of Mariupol was one of the number one targets to suppress pockets of resistance to an illegal regime change. May 9, 2014 – Mariupol, new Ukrainian regime tries to take control of the city:

Explosion in Ukrainian neo-nazi camp in Kharkov – PHOTOS

An improvised explosive device have been thrown over the fence at a camp of nationalist “Skhidniy Korpus” organization. It is believed that explosive device carried an equivalent of about 400-600 grams of TNT. As a result of explosion noone was hurt.

Policeman shot in Kiev – VIDEO

May 11, Kiev, Ukraine – two police officers approached a suspicious man in Victory part in Kiev and asked him to show his ID. Man pulled his gun out and shot one of the police officers in the stomach. Wounded officer was taken to the hospital where he had a surgery and is recovering. Shooter… Read More »

Ukrainian soldiers sing Luftwaffe pilot’s song – VIDEO

Member of Ukrainian Aidar battalion sing Nazi Germany Luftwaffe pilot’s song. Aidar nationalist battalion has been tasked by coup installed Ukrainian regime in an ongoing civil war in submitting people of Donetsk who refuse to recognize armed takeover of the government in 2014. Video:

Naked Ukrainian women protest in France – VIDEO

Several naked Ukrainian women, also known as FEMEN, have tried to protest in France against National Front political party. Half naked Ukrainian women in golden mini skirts with balloons jumped out of the vans, seconds later they were tackled by French police officers. Later they were taken to police station.

Ambulance transporting Ukrainian militant ran into VW

An ambulance that was transporting Ukrainian militant from the town of Zaitsevo to the city of Artemovks ran into a VW at an intersection of Bakhmutskaya street and Nezavisimosti street in Artemovsk. As a result four people were taken to the hospital with injuries. Ukrainian militants are stationed in the town of Zaitsevo where they… Read More »