Patriotic Ukrainians unknowingly financed self-defense forces of Novorossia

By | September 6, 2014

As social nationalism AKA Nazism deepens its roots in Ukraine, “patriots” show their patriotism more radically. From running naked on the street painted in the colors of Ukrainian flag, to painting everything they see in blue and yellow colors.

Several businessmen from Kiev foresaw this back in February as same thing happened in Germany in 1939. They have opened several chains of “patriotic” stores selling among other things blue and yellow paint. It took businessmen about month and a half to take care of all the paperwork. From there on, for three months they sold paint to the patriotic masses of social nationalists. Everything in the west and center of Ukraine slowly turned blue and yellow.


What Ukrainians “patriots” did not know is that all of the proceeds from the paint sales go to finance people of southeastern Ukraine. People that are against social nationalism. After violent coup that overthrew legitimate government in Kiev and installed new radical nationalist government, people in southeastern part of the country did not accept it as legitimate. New government in Kiev sent army to impose its rule upon southeast. At first locals only had signs and megaphones as their weapons; however, as Kiev pushed harder and harder arresting and even shooting protesters, people of southeast took up arms.

Today, there’s de facto a civil war in Ukraine. Southeastern Ukraine is set to separate itself from the rest of Ukraine. They do not recognize government as legitimate because people of southeast had no say in whether they even want old president gone, and who is to replace him if he is gone. Newly installed social nationalist leaders of the country stand against everything people of the former southeastern Ukraine stand for.

Too embarrassed to admit that they are losing to taxi drivers, teachers, and coal minters, and to receive foreign military aid, new Ukrainian leaders blame Russia in direct military involvement. US and EU intelligence service have so far failed to find any proof of Russian military presence in Ukraine.

Here’s a video message of one of the organizers that financed self-defense forces with Ukraine’s money (English subtitles):

More photos:

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