Photos: American & NATO equipment ends up in hands of local self-defense forces

By | February 20, 2015

In addition to American Humvee, British & Canadian armored vehicles and some small arms, local self-defense forces of Donetsk captured what seems to be counter mortar radar. Serial number #369 match number marked in an official presidential drawdown document which lists items supplied to Ukrainian army:


Mortar radar will be very useful when locals will have to hunt down Ukrainian units that shell their cities with mortars.


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In an unrelated incident locals report that they were able to capture an American sniper who was fighting for pro-Ukrainian forces. Unfortunately they didn’t take any pictures of a foreigner before handing him over to Donetsk security services. Since we don’t have physical proof of a sniper yet, we’ll be very critical of this report until his photo, photo of his documents or his interview will become available.


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