Photos: Donetsk under shelling again

By | June 12, 2015

City of Donetsk is under Ukrainian artillery fire again. On June 11, 2015 Ukrainian troops resumed shelling of Oktryabrskaya mine and Kuibyshevsky part of the city.

Around 6 PM Donetsk airport was hit as well, there are local battles in the town of Peski. Donetsk emergency services began combating fires and evacuating civilians from danger.

We have info on the destruction on Kuibyshevsky part of the city:

— At Luzina and Kurchatova streets intersection a man was killed
— Luzina st 3, man wounded
— Luzina st 3, 4, 5 direct hit by Ukrainian artillery
— Kurchatova st 3, 6 direct hit, buildings on fire
— Kurchatova st 101, direct hit
— Kolkhozny ave. 12, 14, direct hit, buildings on fire
— Kremlevsky ave, 3a, 37, backyard hit

Water pipes damaged, city of Donetsk is using reserve water reservoir.


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