Photos (GRAPHIC FOOTAGE): dead Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk airport

By | January 22, 2015

They came to Donetsk to force coup installed nationalist Kiev regime upon local population. However, how can you make someone love you by killing his or her relatives? Locals, determined not to give up their homes, believes and way of living stood up to an illegal coup installed regime in Kiev. After Kiev regime took control of the army and created its own National Guard for a specific task of submitting Donetsk and Lugansk by force, locals of Donetsk took arms to protect themselves.

Fast forward eight months, many Ukrainian soldiers are not sure what they are fighting for anymore. They are killing people that used consider themselves Ukrainians before the February revolutions of 2014, people that speak same language, people that they used to meet in local markets, libraries, churches etc. However, Kiev regime keeps pushing, mobilizing more people to send to Donetsk only to keep regime’s power in the hands of those who climbed to power on the back of neo-Nazi radicals that started violent coup in Kiev.

Today, self-defense forces collected dead bodies of Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk airport. Solders that died because of Kiev regime’s ambitions to conquer lands of Donetsk and Lugansk.


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