Photos: Ukrainian nationalist training camps

By | January 13, 2015

Many faces you see in the pictures you saw in the news about a year ago. Western media labeled them as “peaceful protesters” and “students protesting”. Over a year ago they gathered on the streets of Kiev to protest Yanukovich administrations and his decision to postpone signing of a contract with EU. As protest grew more violent, police was dispatched to the streets to maintain order. As violence among protesters escalated Molotov cocktails and bullets began flying toward police officers. Eventually protests led to a violent government overthrow.

Pictures posted below were borrowed from an investigator who is conducting a probe into the driving forces behind Ukrainian coup. Here young people are taking selfies and pictures of each other in various training camps in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine itself. Many are wearing Right Sector and nationalist Svoboda party insignias. Right Sector was one of the main driving forces behind the violence in Ukrainian coup. Various identifying insignias and flags can be seen in the background.

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