Polish fans: “we’ll take back Lwow, we’ll kill all Bandera men”

By | May 11, 2015

During a rugby match between Poland and Ukraine which took place in Lublin, Poland, Polish fans drew a large sign that read: “We’ll take back Lwow, we’ll kill all Bandera men”. Lwow (Lviv in Ukrainian) was a Polish city before WW2 where many Polish Jews lived. Bandera was Ukrainian radical nationalist that joined Nazi Germany. Bandera’s men or Banderovtsi are followers of Bandera’s teachings. Bandera men are responsible for killings of thousands of Jews and red army soldiers during and after WW2. Countless Jews were murdered and ousted out of the city of Lwow (Lviv) which is now part of Ukraine.

Today’s coup in stalled regime in Kiev is trying to downplay Bandera’s men role in mass killings as many of who came to power as a result of violent government overthrow come from Western Ukraine – heart of Bandera’s following.

Поляки пообещали украинцам «отобрать Львов и убить бандеровцев» (ФОТО) | Русская весна

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