Pregnant 19 yo killed in Donetsk

By | February 8, 2015

On February 4th Valeria Parkhomenko headed to the hospital to finally find out if she is expecting a boy or a girl. It was her first child. Her parents were anxiously waiting to see if they will have a grandson or a granddaughter. However, they didn’t receive a phone call two hours later as she was suppose to call upon completion of the procedure. Two more hours later they found out that Ukrainian army had shelled part of the city where hospital № 27 is located. Shells fell near the hospital and near the apartment buildings.

RIP Valeria Parkhomenko - another victim and Ukrainian bloody regime

Valeria Parkhomenko – another victim of Ukrainian bloody regime

Valeria’s sisters began a campaign on social networks to see if anyone had any information about her.
– ‘maybe someone saw her? please, spread the information, the more people see it, the greater the chance to find out at least something about her!’ – wrote Lilia and Vika.

In the meantime Valeria’s parents began walking the streets in Tekstilshik part of the city where the shells fell, looking for their daughter. But no one saw a young girl in blue coat with brown purse. There was no answer on social media as well. Then, near the hospitals where the shells landed parents found Valeria’s torn passport and small pieces of flash around it, but there was no body. Parents ordered a test from a medical examiner to see of the pieces of flesh belong to their daughter.

Everyone prayed. Several days later medical examiner concluded the test. Pieces of flash found near Valeria passport did belong to her.

Valeria and her unborn child became yet another victim of Kiev’s bloody conquest to submit Donetsk to Kiev’s illegal nationalist regime.

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