Radicals took down 15 Bulgarian flags in Kiev, thinking those were Russian flags

By | July 8, 2015

It’s bad enough when we have mass hysteria where official government and masses blame neighboring country for all their mishaps, but when you mix mass hysteria with lack of proper education, that’s when you create a breeding ground for extremist radical nationalism and Nazism.

In the wake of Bulgarian president visit to Ukraine, new Ukrainian regime decided to hang Bulgarian flags throughout Kiev. Some of the local bright young minds, probably part of the same people that created destructive revolution of 2014, decided that what they are seeing is a Russian flag. The only two things Ukrainian Nazi knows to do when it sees Russian flag is to either run or to attack it. So the young elite of Ukrainian nationalism attacked poor Bulgarian flags, eventually taking down 15 of them.

Kiev regime already expressed their apologies for what happened to Bulgarian people.

Mass hysteria continues.

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