Raising Ukrainian kids – nationalist style – photos

By | December 10, 2014

Nationalism deepens its roots in Ukraine. Just like in Nazi Germany Hitler found common enemy in Jews, Ukrainian nationalism found common enemy in Russians. While Ukrainian soldiers have mobilized to fight Russian speaking population of Ukraine, kids in western and central Ukraine are being taught extremist nationalism in early years. ULA fighters that joined Nazi Germany in 1940s are the new heroes in schoolbooks and as the mayor of Kharkov puts it – Hitler to them is a liberator.

After new regime took power in Kiev through a violent coup, nationalists from western Ukraine have free reign in the country. Not only they have rewritten schoolbooks, they also force children to participate in events such as mock hangings and beating up a statue of a foreign leaders:


Children soak everything in like a sponge. No wander that after few weeks in new schools this is what they are drawing in classrooms:

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When new Ukrainian role models look like this:

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It is no wander that schoolkids begin to look more and more like this:

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And eventually turn into this:

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