Report from volunteers that deliver humanitarian help

By | February 7, 2015

People in many cities throughout the Ukraine support Donetsk People’s Republic. Many help financially or otherwise. Ukrainian army shells city of Donetsk and nearby town almost daily. Innocent civilians that simply want to escape the war are the main victims. A group of young people set out to deliver humanitarian help for the people of Donetsk from the city of Kharkov.


It was some trip.. like a bad movie.
First, we spent 5 hours in Dzerzhinske, then we tried to pass Ukrainian checkpoint in Mayorsk, they didn’t let us through. We returned and tried again to get passed Ukrainian checkpoint in Kurakhovo. We got through.

The road.. speed is insane. Shells flying above our heads, literally! It’s not a movie and noone knows if there’ll be happy end.

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In the car there’s three girls from Kharkov yelling out “our Lord’s” prayer, sometimes it’s hard to hear them through the sound of shells.
Checkpoint.. woods.. fields.. middle of nowhere.. another checkpoint.. shelling.. road..

Main goal is to get humanitarian help to the cities that are torn by war – Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka etc. We entered Donetsk 15 minutes before the curfew. Humanitarian help arrived. Mission accomplished!

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Natalia, thank you, thank you that you were not afraid and that you came along. Thank God that we’re alive. Another call to Kharkov to pass on gratitude from locals. Children and elderly that are hiding in the basements will get food, heart medicine, insulin, cleaning supplies, food for infants etc.


Town of Makeevka
Lots of displaced people that are trying to get away from war. Many are from town of Uglegorsk.

The other day a woman was going door to door looking for her cat. She cried hysterically, said it was her daughter’s favorite cat. Most people didn’t know that her daughter ordered a kitten back in the summer time. However, her daughter was never able to pick it up herself – she was killed when Ukrainian army advanced on the city.
“It was my daughter’s favorite cat!” mother’s words still echoing in my head.

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Yesterday a woman came by. People that know her gave her some money. She was skinny, exhausted, gray faced, with dead eyes. I offered her some breakfast. Boy, she could eat! This person not only knew what hunger is, she felt it with every fiber in her body. For the road I gave her some food and a set of clothing so she can change. A huge thanks to everyone who worked hard to collect humanitarian help in various towns, deliver it and distribute it. We are the warriors of this invisible battle.


I’m proud that I got to know such a wonderful people. Every day risking, falling from exhaustion volunteers help locals to survive.
Thank you all!

Olga K
Lena A

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