Russia has deployed S400 anti-aircraft weapons amid Turkish attack (photos)

By | November 27, 2015

Russian Khmeimim air force base in Syria has received latest generation S400 anti-aircraft weapons days after Turkey has attacked Russian bomber over Syria which was carrying out operation against ISIS terrorists.

S400 along with Fort complex which is installed on a Moskva cruiser off the coast of Syria will protect airspace in Syria against any hostile aircraft.

One S400 complex can cover area as far as 400-600 km (depending whether its missile or a plane) and up to 60 km in the air. It can discover and eliminate objects as small as a baseball which travel up to 4.8 km per second. Its radar can discover missiles or planes as far as 600 km away. It can also target low flying targets that fly as low as 5 meters off the ground. Depending on which radar it’s using it can track anywhere between 100-600 targets simultaneously.



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