Russia retaliates against terrorists who murdered SU-24 pilot (photos, video)

By | November 26, 2015

On November 24, 2015 Turkish F16 fighter jet attacked Russian SU-24 bomber claiming that bomber has crossed over to Turkish airspace for 17 seconds. Bomber was moving at very low speeds at an altitude of 6 km. Bomber was moving in the direction of a Russian air force base in Syria. Bomber has dropped its load earlier and was returning to base. Bomber was not accompanied by any protection detail as it did not expect to be attacked by Turkish air force because it had not hostile intention toward Turkey.

Turkish F16 fighter jet is a much faster aircraft than SU-24 bomber. F16 can easily outmaneuver SU-24. During normal rules of engagement fighter jet would approach slower aircraft and escort it as far is it deems necessary, as it has been done thousands of times around the world. However, Turkey claims that Russian bomber has crossed Turkish airspace for 17 seconds. Turkish F16 jet pursued Russian bomber into Syria and has shot it down about 1km away from the border on Syrian side. SU-24 bomber has crashed about 4 km from the border on Syrian side.

Both pilots of SU-24 bomber were able to catapult. When Turkey sponsored extremists saw two unarmed parachutists they went on to engage them which is directly against the Geneva convention (although it’s doubtful that extremists even know about Geneva convention, their sponsors in Turkey do). Extremists shot at parachutists until extremists thought both of pilots are dead. One of the pilots was fatally wounded in the air. Second pilot was able to safely land and was rescued by Syrian army 12 hours later. Alpaslan Celik is a man who commanded terrorists who murdered Russian pilot. Alpaslan is a Turkish national, not a Syrian Turkmen as some media claim.

As soon as surviving pilot was taken to safety, Russian and Syrian forces for 8 hours engaged the terrorists that murdered Russian pilot. Also, a convoy carrying supplies to terrorists from Turkey was destroyed.

Additionally, rebel general Rasheed Bakdash who is believed to have authorized the murder of pilots have been killed.

Here are photos and video of retaliation against terrorists:

Destroyed convoy that was meant for terrorists:






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