Russian monk took his chances by swimming home to Crimea across Syvash straight over staying in Ukraine

By | August 6, 2015

Monk, after running into a problem crossing Ukrainian border patrol, decided to make a run for it and swam to Crimea – press service of Crimean FSB service reports.

According to Russian FSB – monk, Russian citizen, crossed over to Ukraine few weeks ago by foot in Jankoi border crossing. His time in Ukraine he spent in a local monastery. However, when he decided to return home, Ukrainian border guards would not let him through, demanding that he goes to Zaporozhye to file for a special permit to cross over to Russia.

“Not having money, he decided to get home by swimming across Syvash straight which is located between Ukraine and Crimea.” – said FSB press service.

Once he reached Crimea he was detained by Russian border patrol.

Ukrainian border guards demanded that Russian authorities hand monk over to them. However, Crimean border patrol servicemen refused.

For crossing international border between Russia and Ukraine outside of formal border crossing points monk has been fined $30 and sent home.

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