#SaveOurGuys rally in Crimea

By | May 22, 2014

May 22, political arrests, nationalist assassinations, racial discrimination and media propaganda seem to be norm in today’s Ukraine. Ever since radical neo-Nazi groups ousted president Yanukovych from power and installed their own regime, arresting journalists whose view differs from Kiev’s became commonplace.

Two journalists from LifeNews  Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saichenko have been covering events in southeastern Ukraine on both sides of the conflict exposing many crimes that were committed by Ukrainian soldiers against local population. One of their last photos that included a UN helicopter that was used by Ukrainian military sparked a lot of controversy throughout the world. Soon after it was published Kiev authorities started a de facto nationwide hunt for journalists.

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It’s not a fist time Kiev has persecuted free press. British journalist Graham Phillips was detained just days ago for covering armed conflict in southeastern Ukraine objectively. Others have been thrown out of country or turned away at the border, Russian TV channels have been turned off and only news that are shown on TV are ones that parrot Kiev regime.

Today, people in Crimea came out to rally against illegal kidnappings of journalists carrying signs with hash tag #SaveOurGuys.

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Even celebrities joined in:





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