Secret note to mom from Ukrainian soldier

By | June 14, 2014

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, in the town of Krasnyi Lyman two Ukrainian soldiers walked into a store. Store clerk got scared at first, but soldiers reaffirmed her that she has nothing to fear. After paying for the groceries one of the soldiers without looking up shoved a small piece of paper into clerk’s hand and left.

On that piece of paper there was one word “Mama” and a phone number. When clerk called that phone number a woman picked up the phone. In the conversation woman said that she is from Vinnitsa, western Ukraine and her son is at the army training base.

Ukraine soldier secret message to his mom

When woman found out how clerk got her phone number and that her son is not at the training base but in Krasnyi Liman she was furious.

That is one of the ways Ukrainian soldiers are trying to reach out to their relatives, they’re quietly asking for help very people they are fighting.

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