Seven year old gives his savings to punitive operation in the west

By | September 1, 2014

Seven year old Myhailyk Tkachuk (Мыхайлык Ткачук) of Ivano-Frankovsk region – western Ukraine was saving for a smart phone; however, when he heard that his countrymen went to the east of the country to fight and kill Russian population of Ukraine into submission to new coup imposed government, Myhailyk decided to give all of his savings totaling two thousand Hryvnas to the punitive operation. “Kolomiyski Visti” news agency of western Ukraine reports.

Nazi Ukraine

Kids as young as seven years old are being taught to hate Russia as social nationalism AKA Nazism spreads throughout western Ukraine.

“That’s what my ancestors would do” – said Myhailyk: “they were Banderovtsi (Banderovtsi is a group of social-nationalist people in western Ukraine that fought for Hitler in WW2 against Russia) and all their lives they hated Russia. I’m a Banderovets too. That is why I’m giving this money to those who leave for east of the country to fight.”


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