“Shield 2015” Russian police train against west sponsored revolutions – videos

By | May 31, 2015

Russian police officers and internal troops began training sessions across the country in which they train to uphold law and order during attacks on key government and infrastructure buildings.

Scenarios for which officers are training duplicate some of the moments that took place during west sponsored government overthrow in Ukraine in 2014 where various US and EU government sponsored organizations poured money into organizing and executing mass unrest which eventually led to protesters taking over key government buildings in Kiev which in turn led to installation of a nationalist puppet government. In addition, various US and EU leaders visited protesters in Ukraine during and after government overthrow to show their support to illegal government takeover. US assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, US senator John  McCain, EU politician Catherine Ashton, EU leaders of all Baltic countries and many other western leaders and politicians showed up in Kiev to support anti-government protests thus directly interfering in internal sovereign country affairs. Just imagine for a second if Russian officials would come to any western country to support anti-government protests, most western media outlets wouldn’t stop talking about it in the most negative light possible for as long as possible.

When south-eastern Ukraine refused to recognize coup installed regime in Kiev, new regime sent Ukrainian army to submit Donetsk and Lugansk regions thus starting civil war which still wages on today.

Videos, police officers train against west sponsored government overthrows:

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