Small video clip collection and a song showing how Ukrainian conflict started

By | September 8, 2014

Many people have forgotten how the conflict in Ukraine started. It all started in Kiev when people began protesting current government. Protests attracted Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazi groups..

From the time when radical social nationalist Ukrainians were burning police officers on Maidan square in Kiev in January and February, to running police over with tractors, to street violence, to violent take over of the government buildings, to installing its own nationalist government in Kiev that was not recognized people in south-east of Ukraine, to radical neo-Nazi quest of Ukrainization to southeastern Ukraine to spread nationalist propaganda, to deployment of the military to force local Russian speaking population into submission to new government, to first murders of the civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk, to Russian speaking locals taking arms and forming self-defense forces to protect themselves, to Ukrainian army killing civilians to “cleans” the towns of southeastern Ukraine, to referendum for independence, to creation of republic of Novorossia, to thousands of volunteers from all over Europe that support self-defense forces against Ukrainian social nationalist AKA Nazism, to out of being desperate blaming Russia, to US and EU sanctions against Russia even after it called for peace in Ukraine, to self-defense forces successful protection of its towns, to counter-attacking Ukrainian forces and neo-Nazi battalions, to Kiev finally agreeing to a ceasefire, to Ukrainian military buildup during ceasefire, to today….  video:



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