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Photos: Donetsk and Lugansk light up Christmas trees despite Ukrainian shelling

Cities of Donetsk and Lugansk lit up Christmas trees despite ongoing aggression by Ukrainian army. As scary as it may seem, many locals got used constant shelling by Ukrainian army. While many joined local self-defense forces to push the aggressors back, others adapted to living under constant threat and are trying to live their lives.… Read More »

Dnepr 1 Ukrainian militia is blocking humanitarian help for Donetsk region

Billionaire Rinat Akhmetov sent several dozen trucks with humanitarian help to Donetsk region for civilian victims of Ukrainian army. However, before trucks could get to its destination, Dnepr 1 Ukrainian militia punitive battalion blocked convoy. Dnepr 1 battalion was formed after violent coup in Kiev through revolution installed its own government. People of Donetsk and… Read More »

Ukrainian army: “When we leave, there won’t be single stone standing in Avdeevka”

Avdeevka – a town 6 kilometers from Donetsk. Before the war some thirty thousand people lived there. It was quite, beautiful, cozy town full of hard working people. Avdeevka became one of epicenters of artillery battles and is now a place where Ukrainian army stationed its artillery weapons. Ukrainian army uses Avdeevka to shell city… Read More »

Cease-fire in effect, self-defense watch if Ukrainian army complies from a drone – photos

Another cease-fire is in effect since yesterday in Donetsk. Just like during previous cease-fire, Ukrainian army uses it to pull more troops and equipment to Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Overall, this cease-fire is much less fatal than previous ones. Last time cease-fire was in effect, Ukrainian army still shelled some parts of Donetsk region, this… Read More »

300 Chechen volunteers appear in Donetsk after Ukrainian politicians insulted Chechen leader and welcomed terrorist attack in Grozny

Several Ukrainian politicians welcomed terrorist attack in republic of Chechnya that took place on December 4th. Some Ukrainian lawmakers even made a sarcastic comments that Chechnya should be part of Ukraine and that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov should be arrested. All terrorists have been killed by police. Several police officers have been murdered by the… Read More »