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AntiMaidan flash-mob in Lugansk “AntiMaidown”

November 21, students of Lugansk staged a mock EuroMaidan revolution. With Uncle Sam leading the way, eating Nuland cookies, young men in masks ran around the city yelling out EuroMaidan slogans. Although, originally EuroMaidan started as a peaceful protest, eventually it grew into a full blown war against police officers and local government workers. EuroMaidan… Read More »

Ukrainian protesters have brought two ZIS-3 artillery guns to Maidan square

Same people that killed policemen and stormed government buildings in Kiev at EuroMaidan protest in February and later attacked locals in southeastern Ukraine for disagreeing with them have somehow procured two WW2 era ZIS-3 artillery guns. Protesters have once again gathered at Maidan square, protesting government that they installed in a violent coup. They have… Read More »