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Children killed by Ukrainian regime, memorial service – VIDEO PHOTOS

August 29, people of Donetsk gathered in center city to remember 73 young lives lost to Ukrainian army and nationalist battalions that for the past two years have been attacking Donetsk region in an attempt to submit locals to new coup installed nationalist regime in Kiev.       Children hiding in the basement in… Read More »

Ukrainian spies with explosives arrested in Russia – VIDEO

Members of Ukrainian military intelligence and their accomplices were arrested by the Russian FSB service in the town of Armyansk earlier today. The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR MOU) was preparing to target the Russian peninsula’s critical infrastructure, the FSB announced on Wednesday. The infiltrators also planned to… Read More »

Neo-Nazis attack little girl for celebrating WW2 Victory Day – PHOTOS

Journalist Polina Orlovskaya was in Kiev observing celebrations of victory in WW2 over Nazi Germany. WW2 Victory Day is a huge celebration in eastern Europe since in the beginning of the war Hitler sent about 80% of his army to the eastern front, taking millions of lives. Everyone in Ukraine has a relative that was… Read More »

Policeman shot in Kiev – VIDEO

May 11, Kiev, Ukraine – two police officers approached a suspicious man in Victory part in Kiev and asked him to show his ID. Man pulled his gun out and shot one of the police officers in the stomach. Wounded officer was taken to the hospital where he had a surgery and is recovering. Shooter… Read More »

Died for truth, journalist assassinated by Ukrainian neo-Nazis

April 16, 2016 is a one year anniversary of the murder of an outspoken Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina. Oles’ assassination was the third in a row of political killings within four days: Sergey Sukhobok (April 13, 2015); Oleg Kalashnikov (April 15, 2015); and Oles Buzina (April 16, 2015). Oles Buzina: Why are the Western media silent… Read More »