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OSCE Head Confirms No Russian Troops in Donbass

OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier said he did not see any Russian troops in the east of Ukraine. OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier said on Friday he saw Russian individuals, but not Russian army units, fighting in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. Lamberto Zannier also said that the OSCE monitoring activity in eastern Ukraine was being hampered by security concerns. On… Read More »

Ukrainian sniper shooting at European and Donetsk investigators – VIDEO

European OSCE observers and Donetsk Republic representatives were shot at by Ukrainian sniper during an investigation in the town of Kominternovo where they studied consequences of Ukrainian army shelling of the area. Update: according to DPR intelligence OSCE observers and Donetsk investigators were shot at by Ukrainian 56th motorized infantry brigade. Video:

OSCE observers visit sites in Donetsk that were bombed by Ukrainian army – PHOTOS

Last night Ukrainian forces opened fire at Oktyabrskiy and Kuibyshevskiy parts of the city of Donetsk. Two houses and a gas pipeline have been damaged. It seems that Ukrainian forces used 120 mm shells to attack the city. 120 mm shells according to Minsk agreements had to be relocated at least 15 km from the… Read More »