The unknown soldiers of the strange war – Steven Laack

By | August 15, 2015
Swedish veterans of the war in Donbass have confirmed the participation of officers from the EU and NATO member states in war hostilities in eastern Ukraine

Is there anything in the world worse than war? It may be only the sort of war where the truth is sacrificed to fit propagandistic agenda of the opposing sides. This is exactly the case with the present conflict in Ukraine Amid lack of information the words of the direct eyewitnesses to the events, right from the spot, are only welcomed, just like those revelations of the Swedish participants of fighting in Donbass.

Sadly enough, substantial part of the forum reports has been subject to censorship as the stuff mostly contradicting the official version of the events in Ukraine. The general line of this censorship may be easily defined from the numerous pro-Ukrainian comments (with the wide use of Cyrillic symbols in them), actually giving a lead in discussions. Some exempted stuff was preserved in the Google cache, something failed to come through indexation and was lost. Still, the level of western countries’ involvement in the civil war in Ukraine is being visibly restored now.

The key moment in the discussion is the factual acknowledgement of the fact that some commissioned officers and secret services’ staffers from European countries are available now in the Ukrainian volunteer units.

One of the initiators of the discussion is a veteran of the Azov battalion having the nickname Sinkomies. He is a member of the Hemvarnet (national militia reserve corps subordinate to Defense ministry of Sweden).

The information on the Sakerhetspolisen (the State Security Service of Sweden) personnel sent to the south-east regions of Ukraine is really an eye-opening one.
Kyiv is also supported in its war activities by the officers from Poland and Baltic states, which needs no comment at all.

At least three Polish commissioned officers are now present in Donbass: mjr Jan Dombrovskiy, por. Lukas Voycehoskiy and ppor. Thomas Novak from JWK (Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosow). They participated in fighting near Vuhlehirsk, Logvinove, Debaltseve, and Shyrokyne. The Counterintelligence Department of Security Service of Ukraine is in charge of the foreign officers’ activities in Ukraine.

All this sheds light on what an Italian participant of Donbass fighting meant when he said, ‘There are some men you are not allowed to talk about. It was in the wake of discussion relating Europeans and Americans taking part in the Ukrainian war.
It appears, they are exactly those professionals who see war as sort of job.
This matches very well the reports on some ‘friendly Ukrainian shelling’ of the foreign units facing the risk of capture.
It’s very comfortable indeed – dead soldiers in Ukrainian uniform and with Ukrainian military ID. It would be very difficult to prove their foreign origin.

When facing this sort of attitude western officers try to give Kyiv tit for tat. Swedish veterans of Donbass fighting often mention low morale of the Ukrainian nation, lack of military skills with the Ukrainian soldiers, and evident inability of Kyiv to effectively control volunteer units.

 Amusingly, they make no difference between Russians and Ukrainians and describe as ‘complete Slavic mess’ the widely spread hard drinking habits and lack of order on both sides of the frontline. At the same time they do see clear-cut difference between Europeans and Ukrainians.
And when it comes to some general perception of the events in Ukraine all those Italians, Swedes, Poles, Brits and Frenchmen are united in their conclusion that they defend not so much Ukraine but rather western civilization as a whole. Sure thing, it’s much better to have war outside your home on some foreign land benefitting from the split in the ranks of your historical foe. This approach results in making constant parallels between Donbass and Middle East. The grand idea is to add fuel to wars in some far away regions. And it actually doesn’t matter whether you are supportive of some Islamic State or its enemy.
Perhaps, this posture would fit well the agenda of the West, but for those radical forms of ideology that foreign participants of armed conflicts in Ukraine and Middle East bring home. The Swedish experience revealing close Ukrainian links of many modern terrorists makes it absolutely clear: export of the far-right nationalism from Ukraine is no less dangerous than radical Islam.

It actually doesn’t matter much who explodes you, shoots you or attacks you with a knife: a follower of Breivik or ISIS! Their slogans are also of no interest to you. Those Europeans and Americans, who have Donbass experience, especially if they are commissioned officers, possess all the necessary skills and technical tools to continue war at home ‘to defend western civilization’.

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