Tires burning in Kiev, neo-Nazis fighting police… again… – video, photos

By | September 17, 2014

September 16, Right Sector and other nationalist organizations through violent coup successfully installed their people in the Kiev government in February. First law that they passed was to outlaw Russian language, as it was naturally expected from a social nationalist government. They have changed history books, destroyed and dismantled multiple statues of WW2 memorials, and they have painted in blue and yellow colors everything in sight. On September 16 their president, mr Poroshenko, has signed economic part of EU agreement and took steps to strengthen peace agreement with anti-Nazi, anti-nationalist militia in the south-east of the country. Ukrainian nationalists have gotten everything they fought and killed for during and after the revolution.

Ukrainian neo-Nazi

Yet, holding Right Sector, neo-Nazi Svoboda, and Ukrainian flags, radicals came to the parliament building in Kiev, set tires on fire, threw one of the parliament members in garbage bin pouring gasoline all over him first, and have attacked police officers.

Ukrainian neo-Nazi Ukrainian neo-Nazi

Local politician being thrown in a garbage bin by neo-Nazi mob in Kiev, Ukraine, September 16, 2014:

Right Sector and other nationalists attacking police in Kiev, Ukraine, September 16, 2014:

Ukrainian nationalists near parliament in Kiev, September 16, 2014:

Ukrainian neo-Nazi Ukrainian neo-Nazi

Ukrainian neo-Nazi Ukrainian neo-Nazi


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