Toronto rallies against Ukraine killing its own people – photos

By | June 24, 2014

Toronto this week came out to protest Ukraine’s killing of its own people. Ever since new president was installed in Ukraine as a result of a violent coup many radical, nationalist, and outright fascist officials have been installed in Ukrainian parliament and other parts of government. Very first laws that new government passed were bans on Russian and other languages, renaming of streets, taking down of world war 2 memorials that honored allied forces, and new government allowed pro-Nazi pro-Hitler rallies to commemorate those who fought against allied forces.

Southeastern part of Ukraine have been defiant to the new government  unwilling to denounce its cultural identity and are refusing to stop speaking Russian which they have spoken since birth. As a result Ukrainian officials sent its army to southeastern region to submit locals into accepting west Ukraine’s values and force them to speak native language. Naturally, as a result of an aggression many locals took up arms to protect their families, values, and cultural identity.

Photos: Save Donbass People rally in Toronto Copyright © 2014 Yuli Mitsner

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