Two females from Kiev beat up woman from Odessa thinking she is a refugee from Donetsk

By | August 15, 2015

Incident happened last week when Olga D came to relax on a beach. At the same time, not far from Olga, a woman from Kiev and her grown daughters were enjoying the sun.

Conflict happened when Olga tried to smoke on the beach, which has been outlawed. Two females from Kiev began an argument which didn’t stop even after the cigarette was out.

Two women began threatening and insulting Olga, saying: “why do you people come here from DPR, getting in our way”. Females from Kiev went on beating on Olga. With multiple injuries and hematoma of the leg Olga was taken to the hospital where she spent several days.

Local police quickly found the names and addresses of females that assaulted Olga. However, after case was transferred to Suvorovskyi police district, it was just put on hold. No action has been taken in regards to this case, it hasn’t even been assigned to an investigator.

Today, Olga is home. She still needs other people’s help to move around.

Киевлянки избили одесситку, приняв её за беженку из ДНР

Киевлянки избили одесситку, приняв её за беженку из ДНР

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