Ukraine abandons its own soldiers

By | June 7, 2014

Ukrainian border guards have accused Ukrainian governemt in refusing to help them.

Translation – letter from Ukraine’s border guards:
“Dear, once respected, minister of defense collonel general Mikhail Koval. We, members of the Ukrainian border patrol guard from Lugansk region. We had to fight our way out of the armed conflict area. We want to protest your statement in Brussels where you announced that there was no attack the border patrol guards. We have held the attackers for one and a half day. Eight of our colleagues have been wounded. We have waited for help from you, but it never came.”


Many border guards have served with mr. Koval and knew him personally.

“That is why, when the situation became critical, we have specifically call YOU for help. Since there was Ukrainian army regiment stationed not far from us. With their help we could have held the border post. We know that you and our commander have talked on the phone. You have assured us that help will come soon. However, two days later, there was one single air force flight above us and than nothing. Your words were empty promises, we did not expect it from you.”

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