Ukraine and Novorossia agree to a ceasefire, what’s next?

By | September 6, 2014

Minsk, ceasefire has been signed between Ukraine and DPR and LPR – collectively Novorossia. Ceasefire is to be followed by 12 step peace plan.

Ceasefire was suppose to take effect at 7 pm on Friday September 5.  At around 8:15 pm Ukrainian artillery shelled towns of Gorlovka and Makeevka. At 9:45 Ukrainian army fired at the town of Yasinovataya. At 10 pm Ukrainian army surrounded and occupied the town of Telmanovo. At 10:30 pm Ukrainian soldiers fired at self-defense units in Donetsk airport. All self-defense units were ordered not to engage even when provoked or fired upon.

Ukrainian ceasefire

Right sector has announced that it will not abide by ceasefire since their organization was never officially recognized as part of Ukrainian armed forces. It is not yet clear how self-defense forces will deal with social nationalist (Nazi) Right Sector.

An expert from Spain has suggested that by agreeing to a ceasefire Poroshenko is trying to buy some time to regroup and arm Ukrainian soldiers that were sent to engage locals in Donetsk and Lugansk.

Novorossia is to release Ukrainian POWs on September 6. Ukraine promised to release self-defense forces POWs on September 8.


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  1. Алинка

    Как ,что дальше?Продолжение войны.Как это не печально,но не для того войну развязывали.Хотели бы -остановили все уже давно,а не ждали бы завтра,через пару часов и так далее.


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