Ukrainian army bombs city of Lugansk killing more civilians – photos

By | July 19, 2014

On July 18 Ukrainian army besides shelling local villages in Lugansk region are now also bombing the city of Lugansk.

Dozens of innocent civilians are dead. No real harm has been done to self-defense forces. Therefore, the only conclusion we can come to is that either Ukrainian artillery soldiers ave very unprofessional and are not hitting what they suppose to or they are killing local civilians on purpose to scare local population to leaving.

Ukrainian army killing civilians in  Lugansk 10449952_10152519575869831_147373991609421186_n 10478599_1437306886548904_6222642609963828021_n 10481610_10152519576079831_4172329433913289119_n 10530790_10152519575504831_1016810942899185852_n 10534589_10152519575154831_6303137377226963461_n 10552360_10152519575059831_5677060722090389012_n S0O43rIXnDc


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