Ukrainian army: “When we leave, there won’t be single stone standing in Avdeevka”

By | December 16, 2014

Avdeevka – a town 6 kilometers from Donetsk. Before the war some thirty thousand people lived there. It was quite, beautiful, cozy town full of hard working people.

Avdeevka became one of epicenters of artillery battles and is now a place where Ukrainian army stationed its artillery weapons. Ukrainian army uses Avdeevka to shell city of Donetsk and to send more troops to attack Donetsk airport.


“Last time when Ukrainian army shelled city of Donetsk few days ago we were hiding in a basement. An older man just collapsed and died right in front of us, there was nothing we could do to help. His heart stopped.
Not long ago a woman was killed. She was crossing the railroad tracks with her son. Her fourteen year old son is in critical condition in a hospital.
Once they shelled center of Avdeevka from the outskirts of the town where their artillery is stationed. Group of women got together and headed to Ukrainian checkpoint. ‘what are you doing?’ – they changed – ‘we saw you shooting at center town, take your stuff and leave us alone, stop hiding behind us!’. Couple women tried hitting Ukrainian soldiers. They simply replied: ‘ we don’t want to fight you. Our commanders ordered to shoot. How do you even live here, why don’t you just leave? If rebels will attack us, when we leave, there won’t be single stone standing in Avdeevka’.
Ukrainian soldiers used to patrol the town, but they stopped now. Especially after their soldiers began to disappear and later found with knife wounds. Now they only walk in groups of 5-6 people.”

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