Ukrainian fascist tried to remove his tattoo with a brick before surrendering

By | February 2, 2015

February 2, self-defense forces of Donetsk treat mobilized Ukrainians and regular army with respect. If mobilized Ukrainian was forced to fight in Donetsk is captured, he is given food, water and medical treatment, and in many cases is released to his parents or wife. That is not always the case when a member of a nationalist punitive battalion is captured. With that mind, one of the radical nationalists tried to remove his tattoo with the flag of Right Sector and a saying – “glory to Ukraine” and “glory to heroes” with a brick before surrendering. Sayings “glory to Ukraine” and “glory to heroes” were first adapted by those Ukrainians who joined Hitler during world war 2. Later it was used by various nationalist and neo-Nazi organizations such as Skin Heads and Right Sector.



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