Ukrainian fascists storm police HQ in Lutsk (western Ukraine) – video

By | June 27, 2014

June 27, “Sign a resignation or you will burn alive” – said one of Right Sector fascist organization members to the police officer as soon as they entered the building.

Western Ukraine has been a breeding ground for post WW2 fascist organizations. They were the moving force behind protests in Kiev on Maidan square. They also were the moving force behind violent coup where they have murdered police officers. As a result legitimately elected president fearing for his life left country. New nationalist president was installed by these fascist organizations to rule the country.

Since taking the power in Kiev Right Sector was accused for selling organs of their victims on the black market, rapes, murders, robberies and other crimes. Many formally went to trial for these crimes receiving probation or home arrest for serious crimes since their sympathizers were installed in most governmental positions.


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