Ukrainian forces on the offensive again – updated

By | December 5, 2015

Ukrainian troops and nationalist battalions are shelling north parts of Donetsk again. Between town of Peski and Volvo-center in Donetsk are artillery battles. Few times Ukrainian units tried to move to the town of Spartak, but were stopped. Lots of Ukrainian drones in the air. Pressures in gas pipes all across Donetsk has dropped significantly, Kiev must be up to something.

Update: Donetsk republic guards were attacked near village Zheltoe and near town of Bakhmutka. Near Bakhmutka Ukraine troops attacked with howitzers, mine throwers and one APC. As a result, what could be confirmed, Ukraine got 8 dead and 7 wounded as a result of an attack.

Update: first casualty reported. As a result of Ukrainian shelling, in the town of Zaitsevo, 37 year old woman died.

Update: recon units and many locals in Ukraine regime occupied territory of Donetsk report that Ukrainian troops are clearing their own mines from the fields, which usually means imminent attack.

Update: west of town of Gorlovka is also being shelled by Ukrainian forces from direction of town of Dzerzhinsk.


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