Ukrainian general joins ranks of Donetsk People’s Republic

By | June 22, 2015

Бывший помощник министра обороны Украины перешел на сторону ДНР

Former adviser to defense minister of Ukraine, major-general Aleksander Kolomiets joined the ranks of republican guard of Donetsk People’s Republic, he has announced himself in a press conference earlier today.

“I major-general of Ukraine, Kolomiets Aleksander Vyacheslavovych, my last assignment – adviser to defense minister of Ukraine, head military analyst.”

– Said Kolomiets

“I will work in the interests of Donetsk People’s Republic”

– said major-general

He went on to explain on how he had to smuggle his family out of Kiev in fear that coup installed regime will retaliate. According to Kolomiets, many of his former colleagues also show interest in leaving current Kiev regime and joining ranks of DPR.

“Many officers of Ukrainian army call me and express desire to join us. But they are afraid. At the moment we just talk; however, in the nearest future I think they’ll join us.”

– said general.

Kolomiets went on to say that combat potential of Ukrainian army is very low.

“Potential of Ukrainian army is very low. I mean morally: all generals and officers who, understand that Kiev regime is acting illegally, do not want to fight.”

– said general.

According to Kolomiets only punitive nationalist battalions show desire to keep on fighting.

“who fights? only volunteers in nationalist units”

– said general

He emphasized that based upon all of the above, in Ukrainian army growing dissatisfaction with high command.

“I’ll say another thing: soon unrest will begin in Ukrainian army. Officers do not understand orders to kill local civilians. We’ll see it happening closer to fall. Everything will change.”

– said general

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