Ukrainian National Guard and Right Sector open fire at civilians in Mariupol

By | May 9, 2014

May 9, during Victory Day celebrations when everyone was out congratulating each other, shots were heard in the city of Mariupol.


It all stated in the local police headquarters where local police Captain who is loyal to Kiev ordered his subordinates to detain locals for holding unauthorized mass gatherings in the city. Local police has refused to act against its countrymen. Captain shot of his subordinates and called on Ukrainian National guard to help him grasp the order in the city.


When Ukrainian National Guard arrived they started shooting at people indiscriminately.


Once national guard reached police building they started shooting at it with 30mm weapon, than set it on fire in same manner they used to set buildings on fire in Kiev during Euromaidan and in Odessa on May 2.


Than they blocked the streets and refused fire department access to the building while policemen inside were burning and choking, some jumped out of the window. All while shooting at civilians who began to gather near police building.


Despite being shot at people continued to gather and scream at national guard for being cruel.


Two brigades of Donetsk People’s Republic were pulled out of Victory Day parade to head over to Mariupol to protect civilians against Kiev’s aggression.




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